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Pensando en el futuro: Predicciones y expresiones de tiempo

13 años > Inglés > Future matters

1- Thinking about the future

Max: I think that in ten years more, technology will be so advanced that everything we are doing is going to be performed by a technological device. For example, we won’t need to brush our teeth, because maybe there will be a super powerful device that will clean our mouth in one millisecond.

Sophie: I believe that in the future, we won’t have flying cars, but we will have cars that won’t need a driver and the car will run automatically. That would be so amazing! Imagine, you could have a nap while you’re coming back home from your work, or you can have breakfast while the car is driving you to the place you need to be.

Tris: I believe that by 2025 we will use renewable energy all over the world. I think that Global Warming triggers everyone to question how much they pollute, and this definitively will bring more awareness. Hopefully, in 2040, the Earth will be a better place to live in.



2- Predictions


We use WILL and WON’T to make predictions in the future.


Will” and its negative form “Won’t”, are auxiliary verbs that we use with the main verb to form sentences that express predictions in the future. 


2.1- Let’s analyze its structure:

Affirmative sentences

Subject + will + verb infinitive


I will go to your house.

She will choose the cake.


Negative sentences

Subject + will not / won’t + verb infinitive


You won’t talk to her again.

He won’t be angry.



Will / Won’t  +  subject  +  verb infinitive  +  ?


Will she marry him?

Won’t you ask her?


2.2- Recuerda

When we use “WILL” and “WON’T” we usually use these following expressions: 

I believe that… (Yo creo que…)     I think that… (Yo pienso que…)

These expressions help us to emphasized that we are talking about future, it means nothing concrete and / or confirmed.


The short form of  “WILL” is “ ‘ll“. 


I’ll become a lawyer.

She’ll pay for everything.


2.3- Examples





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