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Los sentimientos

Aprende a identificar y expresar los sentimientos en español. Descubre vocabulario y frases útiles para comunicar emociones.

What can we do today?

Learn phrases to discuss plans and activities for the day. Practice asking and answering questions about daily activities.

What date is it today?

Learn how to ask and answer questions about the date. Practice using days, months, and ordinal numbers in English.

What´s the weather like today?

Learn how to ask and answer questions about the weather. Practice using weather vocabulary and phrases to describe different conditions.

Partes del cuerpo

1- Parts of the body Our body is an excellent machine made by mother nature, and as we know, it is composed by: Bones, muscles, tissue, veins and many other important organs. For now, lets start with the basics.     Let’s divide the human’s body into head, torso, arms and legs.   1.1- Head […]

Preguntar y responder cómo te sientes

1- How do you feel? 1.1- Questions and answer It is very important to know how other people feel, to start a conversation about feelings, there are many questions we can use.     The first step to make questions, is to know that we need to swap the position of the verb with the […]

Occupations and routines

1- Vocabulary: occupations  1.1- Look at the pictures below A. This is a doctor   Example: Doctors work in hospitals.    B. This is a firefighter.   Example: Firefighters put out (stop from burning) fires. They work in fire stations.    C. This is a police officer.     Example:  Police officers help to maintain […]

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