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What to wear

Learn what to wear in different situations and weather conditions. Get vocabulary and phrases to talk about clothing choices.

My hands are cold!

Learn phrases to describe how you feel about the weather, like «My hands are cold!». Practice talking about temperature and comfort.

It’s hot in summer!

Learn how to describe summer weather with phrases like «It’s hot in summer!». Practice talking about seasons and temperatures.

Pets around the world

Learn about pets around the world and their cultural significance. Get vocabulary and phrases to describe different animals.

On safari

Learn vocabulary and phrases for going on safari. Discover how to talk about the animals and experiences you might encounter.

My favorite animal

Learn how to describe your favorite animal in English. Get vocabulary and phrases to talk about different animals and their characteristics.

Rooms of the house

Learn the names of the rooms of the house in English. Practice describing your home and its different areas.

Where’s …?

Learn how to ask and answer questions about location with «Where’s …?». Practice using prepositions and location phrases.

Now or Every day?

Learn to differentiate between actions that happen now and those that happen every day. Practice using present simple and present continuous.

What food do you like?

Learn how to ask and answer questions about food preferences. Practice talking about likes and dislikes with examples.

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