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Mi ciudad natal: Vocabulario temático

1- My hometown   Peter My hometown is in the countryside. It is quite small but has a lot of different places where you can hang out with friends. For example, there are a few department stores, where we go shopping every weekend! There is also a lake, where families can enjoy together.   Jillian […]

Mis vacaciones: Vocabulario temático

1- My holidays   Hi! I’m Gabriel. I’ve just come back from my holidays in Perú. It was such an amazing experience and I had a really good time in that beautiful country. When I arrived at the airport in Lima, I didn’t know what to do. I was alone, so I asked for directions […]

Creando mi ciudad ideal: Expresar cantidades, contar y enumerar

1- Creating my ideal city   Hello! I’m Alina. My dream city would have at least ten cinemas! I love watching movies and the atmosphere of these places is very unique, that’s why I like going to the movies so much. Just recently, the first cinema in my current city was inaugurated, and I always […]

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