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Tecnología moderna: Repaso presente simple

1- What is modern technology? Modern technologies are the advancements of old technology. It means that they are a set of technological tools, applications or devices created by human beings to optimize our daily life.  Technology is present in our life in many different ways. We use technological devices or tools in almost all the […]

Herramientas tecnológicas: Expresar cantidades

1- Technological tools 1.1- Introduction The term technology tools refers to any software or hardware that helps you carry out a daily task, optimizing time and resources. Technology tools allow the exchange of experiences, studies and research within organizations and their environment   All technological tools are important because they can help us not only […]

Cultura y costumbres en el mundo: Vocabulario temático

1- Different cultures and customs from around the world If we take a look at the different countries around the world, we will find a wide range of traditions and customs, which may be very different compared to the ones you are use to in your home country. As you may know, there are 6 […]

Países y nacionalidades: Preguntas Wh

1- Countries and nationalities     United Kingdom Nigel is from England. He is British. He speaks English. He is a university student. He is 20 years old. His favorite food is fish and chips. He likes to walk in the streets of London     France Sophie is French. She speaks French.  She is […]

Comida típica de los países: Comparaciones

1- Typical food of the countries Every country around the world has a traditional dish, sometimes they do not look very appetizing, or they are different from what we are used to eat. We Dare you to try one of the following dishes, you will be surprised.   The traditional barbecue is the most popular […]

Mi ciudad natal: Vocabulario temático

1- My hometown   Peter My hometown is in the countryside. It is quite small but has a lot of different places where you can hang out with friends. For example, there are a few department stores, where we go shopping every weekend! There is also a lake, where families can enjoy together.   Jillian […]

Mis vacaciones: Vocabulario temático

1- My holidays   Hi! I’m Gabriel. I’ve just come back from my holidays in Perú. It was such an amazing experience and I had a really good time in that beautiful country. When I arrived at the airport in Lima, I didn’t know what to do. I was alone, so I asked for directions […]

Creando mi ciudad ideal: Expresar cantidades, contar y enumerar

1- Creating my ideal city   Hello! I’m Alina. My dream city would have at least ten cinemas! I love watching movies and the atmosphere of these places is very unique, that’s why I like going to the movies so much. Just recently, the first cinema in my current city was inaugurated, and I always […]

La tecnología: Expresar cantidades, contar y enumerar

1- Technology All the products and processes used to simplify our daily lives, are called “Technology”. Some people think that technology is very useful, while others believe that technology has completely ruined our lives. Let’s see what people think about technology:   Daniel Technology has improved the lives of many people, included mine. For example, […]

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