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Visitando las atracciones turísticas de Brasil: Indagar sobre precios

1- Visiting Tourist Attractions in Brazil   SAMMY: I’m going to travel to Brazil this summer with my wife and our 3 children. JIN: Wow, it sounds really expensive! How much were the plane tickets? SAMMY: Mmm… they weren’t too expensive considering that there are 5 of us. JIN: Amazing! Where are you planning to go? […]

Comida y alimentos

1- Food and meals 1.1- Introduction: Eating healthyly instead of unhealthyly can help you get all essential nutrients your body needs to develop in a good mental and physical condition. Unhealthy food is high in fat, salt and sugar.    Healthy food Unhealthy Food Fruits Vegetables Fries Hamburgers   1.2- Food Vocabulary  Look at the […]

Comida y gustos o preferencias

1- Food preference 1.1- Introduction What’s your favorite food?     Do you like fruits?   Para opinar sobre tus gustos puedes ocupar expresiones positivas cuando algo te gusta (I like) o te encanta (I love), o bien negativas cuando algo no te gusta (I don’t like) o te desagrada (I hate).  A veces no […]

Ordenar comida

1- Ordering a meal in a restaurant 1.1- Introduction Ordering a meal could be complicated when you don’t know how to express yourself or use the appropriate words.     When someone offers you something to drink or eat uses these questions.      When you want to order a meal, you can use these questions. […]

Lugares y elementos de una ciudad

1- Places around the city When you visit a new city, there are many places where you can go. If you need to buy something you can go to the shopping center or the supermarket, if you want to spend some time with your family you can visit a park or a famous restaurant.    […]

Palabras para preguntar: How many – How – Which

1- Question words Question words are very important if we want to ask for specific information, in fact, they are a form of communication. If you want to ask about quantities, manners or choices you must use different question words.    1.1- How many We use HOW MANY to ask about quantity, it is used […]

Pedir y decir la hora

1- Telling the time  1.1- Ways of telling the time Telling the time can be very useful in your daily life, it can help you catch a bus, the subway or even a plane, you need to know what time is it so you won’t be late. What time do you get up? What time […]

Los animales y sus hábitats: Adverbios de modo

1- Los animales y sus hábitats 1.1- Jungle The jungle is an area of forest that combines warmer temperatures and dense vegetation. More than half of the plant and animal species in the entire world live in the jungle: The lion is a powerfully built cat with a long body, large head, and short legs. […]

Parques Nacionales de Chile: Cuantificadores

1- National parks in Chile     Torres del Paine National Park is one of the most spectacular national parks in the country. As a world biosphere reserve, it has a lot of plant and animal species which, with its incredibly beautiful setting, has made it  an almost unequalled destination for many hikers/backpackers, ecology-lovers and adventure […]

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