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Objetos de la casa

1- Objects in a house As you know, a house has different rooms and each room has different objects that make each room special, these objects can be furniture, kitchen items or even electronic devices that make our lives easier. These are some examples of different objects you can find in each room:    1.1- […]

Partes de la casa: verbo

1- Parts of a house In general, a house has different rooms where you can spend time with your loved ones, cook a nice dinner, have a relaxing bubble bath or rest after a very stressful day. 1.1- What…? What is your favorite room of the house? My favorite room of the house is my […]

Acciones cotidianas relacionada con la comida

1- Frequency adverbs: How often do you…? According to your own food habits or preferences there is some food that you eat more often than others.   Ex: I always eat cereals for breakfast / I never eat hamburgers.    How often do you EAT cereals? How often do you DRINK water?    1.2- How […]

Alimentos y comidas del día

1- Meals of the day healthy food Children require a lot of nutrients to grow healthily. Eating healthy food is important to strengthen a child’s immune system and ensure a healthy growth and development.      Setting specific times for eating will improve our digestive system and prevent overeating. There are three important meals of […]

Describir la ropa usando adjetivos

1- The weather and clothes Hi! My name is Susan. Today is cold, cloudy and windy. I’m wearing a light blue hat and scarf, blue gloves and a purple jacket. 1.1- When the weather is cold and… It’s windy It’s cloudy It’s snowy You wear: Hat Gloves Boots Scarf Jacket 1.2- When the weather is hot […]

Identificar y describir el estado del tiempo

1- The weather 1.1- What’s the weather like today?   It's windy It's Sunny It's Cloudy   It's snowy It's rainy   Look at the image and describe how the weather is today:   It’s sunny and rainy.   It’s sunny but it’s not rainy. It’s sunny and cloudy.   It’s cloudy but it’s not […]

La familia

1- My family Families have changed through years. In the past, it was common to see a type of family formed by parents, their sons, daughters, and      Grandparents, but today families could be numerous or smaller than before.      1.1- Parents   These are George and Darla, the parents of Ben and Renata. […]

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